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On this blog, we share regular updates about the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Learners partnership between Extension's Children, Youth & Family Consortium and Bruce Vento Elementary School.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Third Grade Garden Camp Begins

By Kirsten Saylor, School Garden Coordinator

Third grade garden camp, a 9-week garden experience, is officially underway at Bruce Vento Elementary School. During camp, students learn about what keeps a garden healthy and develop an interest in healthy eating. Through this experience, we hope they will come away with the following skills and experiences:
  • Working together as a team.
  • Scientific observation, notation, and inquiry as a means of learning.
  • Learning what plants need to survive.
  • Gardening is both the means and the end — bridging mental and physical health.
  • Ability to read a seed packet and gain information to help them plant in the future.
  • Pride in doing the work themselves, harvesting, and sharing with others.
The kids will be the first ones out in the garden this spring, planting varieties of lettuce, radish, and peas that can tolerate cool spring weather and grow quickly. (We'll eat the pea tops.) Each class is planting their own variety so each garden bed will have three varieties of these three crops.
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